Our products

Wine and olive oil, typical of San Marino

We feel deeply bound to San Marino and its beautiful countryside, where Agriturismo Le Bosche stands.

These millennial land plots belonged to Nevio’s grandfather, then to his father. Today, they are laboured with the same love, dedication and pride as yesterday, with the confidence to always reap valuable fruits after the right sowing.

Vine rows, so green and ordered, are our greatest achievement, and every grape harvest gives us new, round juicy berries.
From this grape we get the three Le Bosche wines: Red, White and Brut.

We believe that our local wine, right from San Marino, made with ethics and on a small scale, distinguishes itself from commercial alternatives and provides the palate with long forgotten flavours and taste.

We also have olive trees from which we get four different types of excellent extra-virgin olive oil.

All these products are available for sale at Le Bosche Farmhouse.

We also sell some of the grapes to the Cooperativa Consorzio Vini Tipici di San Marino, which strives to preserves local grape varieties.

We can’t wait for you to taste our products, maybe at a cocktail party with appetizers, under the shaded patio by the pool.