About us

For three generations, we have been labouring the land, today we are happy to welcome you to Romagna

Grandfather Giuseppe was the first of the family to enter the business, then our father Antonio, and today it is our turn. The Gasperoni family has always had a deep bond with the land and with its Romagna roots.

Vines and olives, ploughing fields and sprouts to be taken care for with experience, patience and dedication.
Right here, on a vineyard lot, we built our home in 2006, in 2010 we added the annex with the land and in 2014 we officially opened the Le Bosche Farmhouse. From the hill on which we stand you can still see the old yellow manor, which belonged to our grandfather, Nevio, and his dad.

In the post-war period, the Gasperoni family moved to the coast and dedicated itself first to catering, opening a restaurant, and then to tourism managing a small hotel by the sea. We served noodles with Bolognese meat sauce and the very wine we made in Falciano. Both the hotel and the restaurant were managed in the friendly and genuine way typical of the Adriatic Coast, which in those years was taking off as a popular holiday destination.

Simple things and respect for people and the environment is what still inspires our work at Le Bosche Farmhouse. The transition to photovoltaic energy is in that line of thinking, such as the decision to open our farm and the vegetable garden to educational programs and summer camps during the summer, in order to teach kids respect for every form of life.

We manage things the old way, with a smile.