Infinity, to get lost in the horizon

The chanting of the cicadas and the scent of lavender:
the natural colours of the countryside and the soft gurgling of water.
Le Bosche Farmhouse’s garden offers a priceless and rare peaceful atmosphere to anyone who arrives here.

We respect its tempo, we water it, take care of it and we get thrilled every spring when we see it bloom.

In the garden a large infinity pool is waiting for you, surrounded by sun beds and umbrellas.

In the water or in the sun, follow that blue line where the sky blends in with the sea and gets your eyes lost in the horizon, right in front of you. Next to the pool, in the stone Jacuzzi, treat yourself to a sweet moment of wellness.

Read a book cradled by the hammock surrounded by olive trees, dive in the pool and have a swim while sun tanning in total relax.

Le Bosche farmhouse becomes the place where your heart blossoms too, from May until the end of summer.

A large gazebo with tables and chairs offers shelter when the heat becomes intense.

This is your place to be just fine, to let go of your thoughts and concentrate on happiness, without ever losing sight of the sea, greeting you from afar.