The investiture of the Captains Regent

A traditional ceremony taking place each year, on April 1st and October 1st

Every six months, the Republic of San Marino elects its heads of state.

These are two public officials who chair the Grand and General Council, the Council of the XII and the State Congress. They have the right to be addressed with the honorific title of Excellency for the entire term of office.

The investiture takes place during an official ceremony, with the captains dressed in traditional costumes. The uniform features black stockings, black puffy trousers and a black mantle on which stands the typical white and blue collar, symbolising the “passing of powers”. They also wear a black velvet hat, edged with white ermine fur.

This celebration is a joyful and meeting occasion for all the citizens of San Marino and a powerful tourist attraction. The public can attend the ceremony from the squares of the city centre. First is the military parade with the traditional flag-hoisting ceremony, then the parade of the Captains Regent and the military, civil and religious authorities.