Festa di San Marino

On September 3rd, Mount Titano celebrates Marino, the city’s patron saint, and the Foundation of the Republic

Every year, on September 3rd, the Republic of San Marino celebrates its foundation with all of its inhabitants gathered together in the city centre, for a day of celebrations.

It’s not just a national holiday but also a moment to meet up and celebrate, both for kids and adults.

The day begins with the Holy Mass and a procession in honour of the Saint, patron and founder of the city. After that an historic parade takes the street of town ending in the Basilica of the Saint for the blessing.

In the afternoon, as usual, the Palio delle Balestre Grandi (crossbow shooting competition) takes place in the Crossbowmen’s quarry, and it is followed by the concert of the Military Band of the Republic of San Marino.

At about 6 pm, it is finally time for the city Tombola (Grande Tombola), the moment everyone had been waiting for more than one year.

The event brings together every year, thousands of locals and valuable prizes. The evening continues with music and concerts and, finally, with the spectacular midnight fireworks.