The history of the rally celebrated in a must-go appointment for all adrenaline and four-wheeler lovers

At the end of October, the streets of Mount Titano host Rallylegend, a historic rally in San Marino, one that has become increasingly popular, both locally and internationally, in the last 10 years.

The event is a tribute to the rally world and off-piste racing.

The car race, which started being organised at the beginning of the 20th century, takes place on both paved and unpaved public roads and uses racing vehicles deriving from road models.

Since 2003, San Marino has been gathering rally lovers with four days of racing and a tribute to the greatest representatives of this sport; a revival smelling of asphalt and gasoline scent. The ancient Land of Freedoms is the backdrop to exhibitions dedicated to the sector’s past representatives, with the rumble of racing engines as a soundtrack.

A competition of chronometer and technical checks, security measures and high attendance from a public attentively watching on the sides of the roads and from the terraces.

The RallyLegend program is full of events and races for you to support your favourite champion.

From the 2017 edition you will be able to live the Rally Legend as a protagonist, buying the “RallyLegend Experience” package. This exclusive ticket includes access, for the entire duration of the event, to the RallyLegend Village – set up every year in Serravalle – parking space, access to special practice sessions, shakedowns from a seat on the special “The Legend” terrace and exclusive gadgets.